What to know about Jewelry

Jewelry is the icing on your outfit, so it has to count. Understandably, some people might have a hard time wearing jewelry. However, don’t think for a moment that it can’t be pulled off, especially when following the right guidelines. There are a lot of stylish jewelry pieces that are made to fit your sense of fashion. One of the types of jewelry you can wear any day is a bracelet. Bracelets are great for occasions when you want to dress up or be casual, and makes you stand out and can sometimes give you a mellow, laid back vibe but that’s all up to you. 


The trick to wearing bracelets are to keep things simple. Go for a bracelet that reflects and enhances, rather than contradicts, your style. It should never be overdone. You’re better off getting a muted style that disappears seamlessly into your overall style than something that screams, “look at me!” Go for a Bracelet that has high quality and is so versatile you can wear it with just about anything from your wardrobe. Here, more expensive does not necessarily mean better quality. To help you out we’re going to list the top 10 trending bracelets and find you a couple to get you started. Ready? Let’s go!

#10 Marble Bracelets

#10 Marble Bracelets

These Marble Bracelets are best compatible with casual clothing. Coming in black & white they have an elegant simplistic tone to be the perfect accessory to go with watches and other bracelets. They’re a one size fits most and a lot of people are getting great deals on them so check it out!

#9 Natural Balance Bracelets

This Natural balancement bracelet can be considered universal. When it comes to fashion, this bracelet works better with standard colors, with navy being a clear favorite. Gold works excellently for outfits in the formal and semi-formal range. Balance is your friend, and quality should be your priority. If you want something that you will wear for a long time and match just about anything, go for this bracelet. If nothing else, it will be a worthy investment.

#8 Dragon Shaped Metal Bracelet


Most men prefer silver bracelets, and they are the most attractive option in general. This “Dragon shaped bracelet” goes with many different types of skin tones and outfits. You can rock silver with both casual and formal outfits and everything in between. It makes your casual wear look more relaxed, and formal wear look sleeker, not to mention it goes well with both light and dark colors. If you’re doing formal wear, though, silver will look better on colored outfits. With silver wear, you want to look as sleek as possible, so go for the more elegant options that will look great, both with your outfit and your wristwatch.

#7 Anchor Bracelet

Anchor bracelets are an ode to sailing, and so they’re perfect for you if your heart has ever yearned for the sea. All the same, you don’t want an anchor that is overly large or rather gaudy, as that will be tasteless. Subtlety is your friend. Anchor bracelets have a wide variety of colors, but you’ll want the brighter ones as they are best for giving you an air of distinction and brightening up your outfit. make sure the steel of the anchor complements the color of the bracelet. For example, a brown bracelet goes well with a golden anchor. You can also try patterned ropes as they bring out the nautical aesthetic even better.

#6 12 Constellation zodiac sign Bracelets


The 12 constellations in the zodiac family are along the ecliptic. These signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, And Pieces. These Bracelets not only define your naturally given birth sign but gives life to it, especially in the dark. Check out the 12 constellation zodiac sign bracelets

#5 Elastic Yoga Bracelets


Helping to manage stress and anxiety yoga keeps you relaxing while also increasing flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. It improves respiration, energy, and vitality. These Elastic Yoga bracelets have brought together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peace in the body, mind, and soul.

#4 Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are not only stylish but laid back just enough to blend with your outfit as well. Try to go for dark and rich tones, such as dark brown, black, or even a dim kind of emerald. The thinner variety of leather bracelets like the “Fancy Leather Clasp” are pretty versatile and will look great next to a watch. Leather bracelets work well with both watches and other bracelets, such as beaded bracelets. They give your wrist a bit of texture and goes perfectly with rugged jeans and a t-shirt.

#3 Leopard Bracelets


This Leopard bracelet has a great aesthetic that your outfit would immensely benefit from. With this bracelet, the trick is to aim for clothes that have darker colors to in your wardrobe. On the other hand, brighter colors can also be useful, depending on the type of casual wear you’re doing. Remember to keep it simple and also, try to avoid cheap looking bracelets with beads that make your wrist-wear end up masking your outfit. 

#2 Brown Homage Hematite Bracelet

The Brown Homage Hematite Bracelet pretty much has the same use case as leather bracelets. They are perfect for casual wear and have a way of freshening things up. With beaded bracelets, you want to go for natural colors, such as deep browns and colors that go well with a wide variety of clothes. Conversely, there are lots of outfits that will go well with beaded bracelets, such as navy, burgundy, green, emerald, and so on. Denim is perfect with beaded bracelets, but you don’t want the beads looking misshapen or too big. Go for small and round beads instead, as they will blend in better with your clothing.

#1 Royal Double Crowned Bracelets

With the Royal Double Crowned Bracelet, These crowns are potent symbols of authority and power. They hold high quality throughout each bead and has traditional symbologies linked to kings, queens, and emperors. Deities were also known to wear crowns that would associate their origins with those of their gods or God. So it’s safe to assume this bracelet would be ranked top trending.


You Need To Develop The Right Eye For The Kind Of Bracelets & Jewelry That Would Perfectly Fit You. You Should Also Always Be Aware Of Your Attire. It Might Seem Obvious, But It Is Crucial To Rocking The Right Style Of Bracelets. Beaded Bracelets Liven Up Your Casual Attire, But They Wouldn’t Look Outstanding On A Suit. If You’re Wearing Something Formal, You Should Opt For A Silver Or Gold Bracelet. If You Want To Look Classy And Unique, Try A Steel Or Leather Bracelet. Whatever You Do, However, Don’t Be Too Bulky About It. Bracelets have been around for a long time and will stick around even longer. They are here to stay and If you want an excellent accessory for your outfit that brings out the the best in you, then go to www.MerchFrenzy.com and You won’t regret it!